Month: November 2018

Lupus Sufferer Vices

Three Vices

It’s official: I’ve totally, completely, utterly sworn off all processed, pre-packaged and bad-for-you foods – indefinitely.

So why, my ice-cream loving, hot-wings eating, doughnut-face-stuffing friend, you ask?

To put it bluntly: I started losing feeling in my arms.

And it’s not the kind of anesthesia-induced “I don’t know it’s even there” kind of numb – it’s the painful, “someone just hit my funny-bone with a crowbar” or “my fingers are so frozen they’re on fire but I can’t really feel them” kind of numb. And it feels like that All. The. Time.

It started with my hands, worked its way up my forearms and is up to my elbows.

The only thing that’s kind of sort of helped is narcotic-based pain killers which, until today, I refused to take.

I can still use them, but even not using them is excruciating. Being is painful.

I don’t know why this started or how. I just know I’m getting worse and I’m going to do whatever the hell any bat-sh*t crazy, wild-woman healer tells me to do to keep fighting. Someone suggested removing processed foods and dairy. I’ve removed a great quantity of the bad stuff from the diet in the past and DID improve, so I’m going back on it and allowing myself three vices; one daily (coffee), one weekly (dark chocolate), and one monthly vice (IPA). Okay, so being real, I’ll probably eat chocolate 3 times a week (at least. Acknowledging your addiction is the first step to recovery..) and maybe have *a* beer on the weekends or every other weekend. But that’s the grand plan.

… So that’s what’s going down. I’m throwing down. This disease ain’t got nothin.

Still managed to run ~2 miles tonight. It wasn’t 3. Or 6. Or 8. Or anywhere in-between, but I refuse to completely raise my white flag ’cause the white blood cells are haters.

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