Razor Bumps be Gone!

Wait…. who does that?? Oh you mean, have a slogan that says, “for today’s African woman” and yet starts off the first blog talking about Men’s skin care. Ok. Be Cool. Chill. 99% of this blog will be all things women beauty so from time to time I will talk about men. Their skin needs love too.
Male clients are a growing number of any Spa business. Just like women, men’s skin need the same skin care program. The only difference is that most men wouldn’t want to use as many products as women. And to the men reading this blog, please, gone are the days when “not” taking care of your skin was considered masculine. So let’s start off bydiscussing one common condition which is a problem mostly for black men, Folliculities and Pseudofolliculitis,
Folliculitis(Fah-lik-yuh-LY-tis) is inflammation of the hair follicles. It usually caused by improper shaving and looks like a rash, pimples or pustules.  This can be a problem for men with coarse or curly hair.

Pseudofolliculitis ( SOO-doe-fah-lik-yuh-LY-tis) also known as barber’s itch is like Folliculities, without the infection. This is also caused by improper shaving.

TREATMENT: Both conditions are totally treatable. Gentlemen, there is really no point to walk around with a bumpy beard or scared neck due to ingrown hair. It is important to exfoliate regularly at least 2ice a week to help keep the beard area clean. There are various products on the market to make this process easy:
Hydrocotisone cream- Relieves inflammation
Aloe Vera gel- Helps cool injured skin
Tea tree oil- Helps with in grown hair
Be sure to check in with your Esthetician  regularly for facials, which will usually include a mask to help with irritation and calming the skin. Once you get into this routine, there will be a clear difference in your skin.
If you suffer from “Folliculities or Psudofolliculities” try not to shave daily if at all possible. Be sure to exfoliate with a slightly rough sponge, and cleanse your skin before you shave.
Most importantly, invest in a sharp, and good razor. Move in the direction of the hair growth not against it… but you knew that, right?
This is your skincare diary, so feel free to document your progress, what’s working and what’s not,  or other products that worked for you. etc.
Happy Nice Skin, Gentlemen (:

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