Pre-Meeting Course
A pre-meeting course, dedicated to the SLE interested fellows, will be held on March 21 from 10:00 to 15:00, before the official beginning of the conference. Here participants will learn all about SLE basics in three interactive workshops:
– Diagnosis of SLE and SLE mimics
– Therapeutic strategies in SLE
– Immunofluorescence microscopy and Capillary microscopy
You can sign up for the course when registering online for the European Lupus Meeting.

During the Congress, young fellows will have the possibility to meet experts in SLE and get one mentor assigned that will guide them through the conference to resume the day, discuss interesting topics, visit the poster session and sharing the most exciting news.
Application also via the registration platform.

Fish bowl discussion rounds
On March 22 and 23, interactive sessions called “Fish Bowl and Open Chair – Discussion Rounds” will be organized throughout the meeting in the Poster area (Building 22.01).
Young fellows will be invited to choose the fish bowl round of interest and:
– prepare a short evidence based introduction for the beginning of the discussion to create a common base for participants and audience
– actively participate in the discussion
Don’t miss the chance to extend your knowledge, meet experts in your topic of interest and get generous reduction in registration fee.
If interested, please send an Email to: