Dear Artist, Biostatistician, Colleague, Drug Developer,
Epidemiologist, Fellow, Friend, Geneticist, Journalist,
Lupologist, Medical Representative, Patient, Pathologist,
Psychologist, Publisher, Researcher, Scientist, Speaker,
Sponsor, Support Group, Teacher

If you are delighted to learn something new every day just by taking care of patients and
if you are enthusiastic about discovering something unexpected day by day and
if you are keen to learn from other specialities in- and outside of medicine and
if you like good friendship with your greatest competitor and
if you are convinced that you can learn a lot from failures and
if you welcome global collaborations without borders, .

Prof. Schneider will introduce you to the Congress. Click on the video here below

you are probably an avowed lupus enthusiast, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Düsseldorf on the occasion of the 11th European Lupus Meeting in March 2018 (21st-24th).

A mixture of the above listed options connects us to the fascinating disease lupus and convinced us that a multifaceted fusion of clinical and basic science together with new promising data from clinical trials will make an interesting and challenging content for Düsseldorf meeting.

The 11th European Lupus Meeting is the first conference of the newly founded European Lupus Society. It will be our pleasure to open up the space for open and fruitful discussions about future developments in the field. Topics may be “International Collaborations” and “Young Academics in Lupus Research”, who we invite to be actively involved in the scientific programme If you like to experience a synthesis of traditional, modern and future perspectives of medicine and science, Düsseldorf will be your town to visit in March 2018.

Following the meetings in extraordinary cities like Venice (2016) and Melbourne (2017), Düsseldorf, a modern city marvellously situated on the river Rhine with a special passion for art and fashion full of very warm-hearted and sociable people will welcome you.

Düsseldorf is a city of short distances, directly connected to most European cities, as well as to the USA and Asia.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Düsseldorf!

Matthias Schneider
President European Lupus Society