Why Come To Us?

Why Come To Us?

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Our first objective that we set ourselves is to offer the patient and his family the best possible medical and human treatment.

This is the fundamental pillar on which our organization is based, and we have applied it since our birth in 1982 to the more than 600,000 patients who have placed their trust in us.

Dedicated Exclusively To Your Health

Therefore, the model of the Clinic is different from the rest of private clinics all over the world: our doctors and the more than 2,000 professionals that work in the Clinic are dedicated exclusively to our work here.

This allows us to dedicate to each clinical case all the time and all the necessary resources to offer a truly personalized and quality care. This effort is reflected in the excellent assessment that our patients make of the Clinic, with a level of satisfaction of 95%, 10 points above the average of the Spanish hospitals surveyed.

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