Hello, fellow Lupies. I’m sorry it’s been so long – I actually couldn’t remember the password to this blog (must have been perpetual brain fog) and have been incredibly busy. Lots of good updates and new information will be posted soon.

At the beginning of this year I was sick, out of a job, in a failed marriage and completely miserable and hopeless on every level that a human being can be both miserable and hopeless. My life has taken a significant turn upward, though. I hope this gives some of you out there who need it hope.

Currently, I’m in as much of a remission as I’ve ever been. (My idea of remission is to be fuctional. Still have good days and bad days, but I’m functional. That is a HUGE achievement in of itself.)  I’ve completely cut out processed food from my diet (save some inevitable pizza and ice cream indulgence that is payed for dearly in terms of how I feel.. but it saves my sanity a little sometimes 🙂 ). Alcohol is completely out of the question – even a glass of wine. Within 12 hours of consuming one drink I’m so awful and ucky feeling it’s just not worth it anymore and, quite frankly, I don’t miss it one. bit.

I’m currently working as a contractor for the Army, which involves spending a lot of time outside in the sun running around in the woods. This has made staying on top of the lupus and eating healthy a significant challenge these past couple of months, but I’ve managed to make it through the worst of summer with my health largely intact. See this Lupus rash article for more on this.

With the help of my amazing boyfriend, Matt, the farm is in the process of  an organic and self-sustainable (with regard to food production) overhaul. We’re currently working on building goat sheds and a chicken coop using recycled materials (read: pallets. Cheap, earth-friendly construction. And by cheap, I mean every single one of them has been free.)

I’ve learned a LOT about managing the illness this year and am really excited to share some of the new information with you, along with some killer recipes.  Hope those of you who are suffering and those of who are angelic enough to take care of those that do are maintaining your sanity. If you aren’t, hopefully the next few articles will help.

Razor Bumps be Gone!

Wait…. who does that?? Oh you mean, have a slogan that says, “for today’s African woman” and yet starts off the first blog talking about Men’s skin care. Ok. Be Cool. Chill. 99% of this blog will be all things women beauty so from time to time I will talk about men. Their skin needs love too.
Male clients are a growing number of any Spa business. Just like women, men’s skin need the same skin care program. The only difference is that most men wouldn’t want to use as many products as women. And to the men reading this blog, please, gone are the days when “not” taking care of your skin was considered masculine. So let’s start off bydiscussing one common condition which is a problem mostly for black men, Folliculities and Pseudofolliculitis,
Folliculitis(Fah-lik-yuh-LY-tis) is inflammation of the hair follicles. It usually caused by improper shaving and looks like a rash, pimples or pustules.  This can be a problem for men with coarse or curly hair.

Pseudofolliculitis ( SOO-doe-fah-lik-yuh-LY-tis) also known as barber’s itch is like Folliculities, without the infection. This is also caused by improper shaving.

TREATMENT: Both conditions are totally treatable. Gentlemen, there is really no point to walk around with a bumpy beard or scared neck due to ingrown hair. It is important to exfoliate regularly at least 2ice a week to help keep the beard area clean. There are various products on the market to make this process easy:
Hydrocotisone cream- Relieves inflammation
Aloe Vera gel- Helps cool injured skin
Tea tree oil- Helps with in grown hair
Be sure to check in with your Esthetician  regularly for facials, which will usually include a mask to help with irritation and calming the skin. Once you get into this routine, there will be a clear difference in your skin.
If you suffer from “Folliculities or Psudofolliculities” try not to shave daily if at all possible. Be sure to exfoliate with a slightly rough sponge, and cleanse your skin before you shave.
Most importantly, invest in a sharp, and good razor. Move in the direction of the hair growth not against it… but you knew that, right?
This is your skincare diary, so feel free to document your progress, what’s working and what’s not,  or other products that worked for you. etc.
Happy Nice Skin, Gentlemen (:



You have this big event to attend in a few hours, dress, shoes, jewelry, make up are all laid out, but your skin looks sorry and dull. So you wonder, what will be the quickest, easiest, fastest and most harmonious way between your lackluster to POW skin. The answer, Aveda’s “Tourmaline Charged” Radiant Skin Refiner.
As a recent graduate of the esthetician program at the Aveda Institute, I am a huge advocate of natural products (as well as chemicals) so I will shamelessly plug this awesomeness in a tube, Tourmaline Charged Radiant Radiant Skin Refiner.
This is a clay based facial scrub that also exfoliates. Not only will it add extra hydration, reduce pore size, and leave your skin feeling smooth. It will give your skin that “Umph” that will have everyone asking what you are doing differently.
Gently apply to moist face, neck, and décolleté.
Massage into the skin.
Leave on for about 3 minutes
Remove with a warm moist towel
Brush off extra bristles(because of the clay)
Use twice a week.
When I forget use this twice a week. I cheat and use it hours before going out, and it still works wonders (:
Visit the Aveda website to purchase at www.aveda.com
Give it a try and let us know what you think. You won’t regret getting this laser in a tube.

Give your skin a glow with ROSE WATER toner

While in esthetics school, one of my educators had amazing, always glowing skin. I asked her if there is anything extra she uses, she said “Rose Water”. I bet you threw out the bouquet of roses you got after valentine’s day..not good. Rose is the gift that keeps giving. Besides it’s pleasant aroma, rose water benefits DRY SKIN as a moisturizer and SENSITIVE SKIN as an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent. More especially, Rose Water works well as an antioxidant that helps keeps “free radicals” at bay. So let’s make our own Rose Water toner.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Fresh roses(preferably not sprayed with pesticides). Go to an organic store), a pot, distilled water, a brick, a stainless steel or ceramic bowl and some ice. If you can’t make it to an organic store, be sure to wash the roses after plucking it from the stem to get rid of any chemicals. The goal is to keep this as pure and natural as possible.

You can actually find rose water toner in the store, but most are not pure rose water. They either have witch hazel or glycerine or something else to help preserve it. But for the purposes of keeping this pure, we’ll use only the items listed above.

Next, place the brick in the pot and the rose petals around it. Pour in enough(not too much) distilled water to slightly cover the petals. Place the bowl on the brick, cover the pot with the lid inverted, and let boil for a few minutes. Then place some ice in the center of the upside down lid.
The water collected in the bowl is your Rose Water. At this point, the smell of your house and the water will be all “rosy”.

Let it cool off, and pour into a labeled bottle. As you can see, I have a small spray bottle as well that will make it easier for me to use every day after I cleanse my face morning and night.

You can store this in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. If you don’t want to keep this all natural, you can add witch hazel and six drops of glycerin.
Now go give your skin a glow you never knew it had!